Egyptian Praying Mantis

Egyptian Praying Mantis


Miomantis Paykullii

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Size - Females can reach up to 3-5cm and Males can reach up to 4cm.
Colour - Straw to brown to light green
Enclosures -  Need to be at least 3 times the size of the mantis so it can moult.
Temperature - They are fine at room temperature around 20-30 oC.
Water - They do require a mist every couple of days.
Added extras - They are ferocious eaters.
These are a relatively small species.
These can be kept together if they have a good offering of food otherwise they have been known to eat each other.
Twigs and sticks are a good way for them to feel comfortable so they can hang, this will help them shed aswell.
You may need a heat mat for the winter months.

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